Sennheiser IE800 DIY KIT for DIY Beginners



  • Single 7mm (diaphragm diameter) Extra Wide Band Dynamic Driver (with other hi-end options) 
  • Ceramic housing
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Sensitivity: 125dB
  • Distortion: <  0.1% 1 KHz, 94 dB
  • Weight: 8g w/o cord


  • The IE800 ceramic shell kit
    • 2 X earphone shells, made by ceramic
    • 2 X stainless steel dustproof cover
    • 2 X 2 ear pads (black and gray)
  • The DIY cable –  select one from our DIY cable store
  • A pair of driver unit – select one pair (≤8mm) from our earphone driver store
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This is Sennheiser IE800 DIY KIT for DIY beginners. With basic soldering and gluing skills in middle school science fair level, you can make your own “IE800” in 2 hours with outstanding sound. Be afraid of the risk or worry about your DIY skill? Select the option and we can assemble it for you.

If you are an earphone DIY guru with an golden ear, we encourage you to our Sennheiser IE800 DIY KIT for DIY Elites which offers all the advanced components to fine tune the sound, and professional measurements you may need to push your work to extreme.

How does this IE800 kit sound?

First of all, we offer 4 outstanding micro dynamic drivers incl. the original IE800 7.8mm XWB (Extra Wide Band) driver, they have unique characters and we encourage you to choose by your music flavor. If you pick the XWB driver and build it correctly, following are pretty much what you can get (partly quoted from head-fi). 

Sound signature: Reasonably balanced throughout the highs and mids, with a gradual emphasis towards low bass. 

Bass: Awesome extension to 5Hz (see our measurement below) and kick for such a small driver. Good clarity, control and definition at low to medium volume, but ultimately a bit too bloated. More emphasis on low bass than on mid/upper bass. Very quick spectral decay and minimized the interference to mids, though there’s a gradual decrease of clarity/control in bass and increase of lower midrange warmth as you crank up the volume.

Mids: Extremely clear and hyper-detailed, but not at all in an aggressive or artificially dissecting way (note the original XWB driver is with a 5 dB peak on 6-8 kHz. We do same thing as Sennheiser to suppress it by damping in the front canal). The mids are probably the most natural and refined of all IEMs due to extremely low THD (<0.03%). Very good timbre with voices and acoustic instruments. Vocals in particular have a sublime quality of just „being there“, eerily lifelike and tangible.

Highs: Almost at eye level with the mids, extended, smooth and highly resolving. The level of detail is stunning at first, but on careful listening treble turns out to be slightly too thin for a realistic timbre. Depending on fit, there’s also a tendency to exaggerate sibilant, though as a whole, treble is far from sounding harsh or overly aggressive.

Transparency: Source transparency is excellent throughout the midrange and highs, but noticeably impaired by exaggerated bass. However, it’s worth mentioning that on the go the IE800’s bass boost compensates for the masking effect of ambient noise, and perceived transparency is better than in quiet surroundings.

Dynamics / Soundstage / Separation / Imaging: The Senn‘s super-clear mids convey a feeling of directness and intimacy without much forward projection, but the driver‘s good dynamics make for excellent depth and layering. Owing to their very high resolution, the IE800’s separation is impeccable, with well defined space for instruments and vocalists. Stage width and presence of a center image vary a bit between downward and over-ea. Overall I’d characterize the IE800’s soundstage as neither overly spacious like the IE8’s, nor lacking or closed-in, but above all with a quite extraordinary sense of depth.

Known limitations: very picky to ear pads, and you have to find one perfectly fitting your ear canal, otherwise bass would be seriously impaired. we recommend using triple flange or memory foam models to get the beat performance.  And as most IEMs, the Stethoscope effect could be serious. We recommend using braided cable to minimize the effect.  

P.s., see the frequency response measurement we did on our kit. Email to if you want the raw data file in ARTA format.   7.8mm Ultra Low THD Titanium Driver Unit

7.8mm Ultra Low THD Titanium Driver Unit

FR after fine tune (mainly suppress 5dB on the peak at 5-6kHz)

What’re in this DIY KIT? Why it is for beginners?

The KIT include everything you need to build the IE800 IEM.

  1. 1 pair of earphone driver units – we offering 4 different models and you can select from the ordering option per your flavor
  2. 1 DIY cable – we offer many different models and color styles which you can pick from the order options
  3. 1 pair of Sennheiser IE800 shell (mandatory option)

To reduce difficulty for beginners, we have the most tricky works done

  • the driver is pre-installed in the housing
  • the anti-dust net is pre-installed
  • Sound is fine tuned, incl. adjusting driver position, apply damping materials in the front canal if necessary  

How shall I pick the driver unit?

You should pick based on your personal flavor – and that’s the key of DIY – you are making your own IEM and tailor it per your unique flavor – and note original IE800 may not fit you most.

Advanced DIY may want to see many measurements and curves to make a choice, while for beginners just want a decent sound, here are simple principles:

  • If you want the highest resolution, crystal clear vocal and the best treble, go for the IE800 XWB driver
  • If you are a bass-head and want the sub-bass messaging your ear canal when playing e-games or watching action movies, pick the Monster Turbine Pro driver. It has a typical U-curve frequency response and boost heavily on super bass and treble
  • Want the best female vocal? You shall use the B&O H5 driver unit and never forget the sweetness.
  • The ultra-low THD Titanium driver offer you the least distortion and the most fidelity to the original music. If you are not sure your own flavor, pick this one and it’ll not disappoint you.

How shall I pick the cable?

3 steps and you can make a smart decision:

  1. Do I need a MIC?  Some cables are with and some are without MIC, note the difference and make a selection.
  2. Do I need high price cables with like 6N OCC or silver plate?  If you can not tell what’s the shortcoming in the sound of the $30 cheap IEMs you got from airport stores, pick the cheapest one. High price cables won’t dramatically improve the sound quality as the drivers do.
  3. Do I need braided cable? If you are used to listen music when walking, YES. Even the original IE800 is blamed for offering a terrible cable with heavy Stethoscope Effect, and braided cable can greatly reduce it by absorbing the echo.

These are 5 cables we provide in this kit.

OK, now how can I build it?

Our IE800 DIY course V1  was a momentum on Imgur by attracting 120,000+ viewers and hundreds of DIYer had made it successful. We are very excited to announce the V2 course. The entire process takes 2 hours including 1hour waiting the glue to be fully dry. AMA or  contact our service account for any issue. Note in this kit, you can skip the most risky 3 steps.

Step 1 Install the driver to the housing

You will need glues like this – easy to find in stores nearby.

Slow dry glues

Then you need to apply the washer to the driver – note not to block the holes on the driver

Stick washer to the driver

Apply some glue around the washer and stick the drivers to the housing

Install drivers to the housing and wait 5min to let the glue dry.

Step 2 Wiring

Wire the cable in the order as illustrated below.


And stick the tiny pipe to the shell – you shall use 401 or other glue working on ceramic.


Step 3 Soldering

Now connect (solder) the cable to the driver – note the polarity of the driver and don’t make mistake


Before soldering, make sure you fix it’s position on the vice clamp – hi-end drivers with strong magnet and may stick to your soldering iron!

Fix the position

Step 4 Assembling the shell

Now stick the anti-dust net to the shell

Install anti-dust net

And stick the stainless steel beads to the backend

stick the stainless steel beads

Install the earpad

Install earpad

Now stick the front and back side of the shell together, and press them in the vice clamp for >30min.

Press together in vice clamp

And done! Eventually you get these nice IEMs.

How if I have special requirements?

Please leave your requirements in the ordering note and we’ll handle them accordingly, or contact our service account for any issue. 


It sound too good to be true – how can you guys make a $800 in $60, I feel fishy

Any word from our side would sound self-promotion, so we only talk about something you may better protect your self – we commit 100% refund if the product is not as committed.

  1. Refer to product pages of dynamic drivers, e.g., the XWB driver product page for all the measurements, to evaluate the quality
  2. Send email to to ask for raw data of measurement done in our lab – we can share the ARTA data file (note due to extremely high cost of measuring THD, it’s only parameter we have to refer from the manufacture).
  3. Ask a measurement report dedicate for your order – we can send you in ARTA data format or snapshots.
  4. Reproduce the measurement once you have the kit (note you need to use a IEC711 coupler)


Collected from hundreds DIYers building this kit.

[FAQ 1] How to ensure cable being durable
A: my experience is the glue and the quality of the cable/jacket is the key. For DIY cables with open ends, you can pick those with Nylon strings inside. And you may use strong A/B glue to ensure all joint glued firmly. And always use a gold plated, strong connector, which won’t cost few $ more.

[FAQ 2] About warrant
A: as long as DIY, there is no warrant and all risk is on your own… I made a few mistakes before showing this post in other builds. So please proceed with caution and wish you good luck. But really. there is “no pain no gain”, to me, taking risk in DIY is part of the fun.

[FAQ 3] About the glue
A: E8000 glue is mostly recommended, and you can find everywhere on Amazon or Ebay. E8000 is for sealing the gap around the dynamic with the front cover.
J-B glue is recommended to glue the ceramic back cover and the front cover, E8000 won’t work with ceramic at all. Again, you can find J-B glue everywhere on Amazon.

{FAQ 4] why the bass is not strong?
A: the pad may not fit your ear canal and there is a gap in between. it will seriously leak bass and a common problem to most in-ear earphone.s You shall try different size of ear pad and find the best one working on you. You will be surprised to see how different the bass will be simply by changing ear pads. 

[FAQ 5] why just buy fake IE800?
A: I’m a DIYer not a pirate edition seller. I enjoy more from creating things and have no interest taking shortcut.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 x 10 x 3 cm
Choose a Driver Unit

7.8mm XWB, 6.5mm B&O H5, 8mm Monster Turbine Pro, 7.8mm Titanium Ultra Low THD

Choose a Cable

5N OFC with MIC, 6N OCC w/o MIC, Silver plated OFC with MIC, Heart of the Ocean blue, Braided 5N OFC

Choose Assembling Option

All assembled, you get a complete IE800, I want a kit and build by myself


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