Shure SE215 Sound Isolation Earphone DIY KIT (Blue and Crystal)

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Package list
  • 1 X Shure SE215 earphone Shell – Blue or Crystal 
  • 1 X 5N OFC cable with MMXC and 3.5mm plug
  • 2 X 7mm SE215 drivers

We can help to have it assembled – select from options below. 

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This is a custom product built by Earphone DIY Labs. Choose the Assembling Option and our professionals will make it for you in 1~2 days. See the assembling service for more details.

You are an experienced DIYer? Great! Choose the All Separated Components Option and enjoy the fun of making it with your own hands. By having basic soldering and gluing skills, you can easily make it in audiophile sound quality.

You can choose the Driver Options (i.e., the micro speaker inside of earbuds) based your own flavor of music. Please scroll down to hear the original recordings of these options and make a smart choice. 

  • 7mm original Shure SE215 drivers made in China ODM factory
  • Upgrade to 7mm dual magnets drivers, designed and manufactured in Germany

If you have concern on making it by yourself, please consider the original SE215 earbuds which we resell in an unbeatable price. 

Shure 215 DIY Kit
Shure 215 DIY Kit
Shure 215 DIY Kit
Shure 215 DIY Kit

Know about Shure SE215

  • Clear sound with deep bass elevates your audio performance in a convenient and portable package.
  • Sound Isolating design featuring fit kit with a variety of sleeves for custom fit blocks up to 37 dB of outside noise for immersive listening no matter where you are.
  • Easily transition between Apple/iOS and Android devices with 3.5 mm connection in one switch.
  • Inline remote and microphone offers seamless control for phone calls, voice commands, and easily accessible operation of volume and music playback.
  • Choice of clear or translucent black brings stage-inspired looks to the street.
  • Secure, over-the-ear design ensures earphones stay in place for unmatched, long-wearing comfort.
  • Zippered carrying case and fit kit with selection of sleeves included for personalized fit and comfort.



The Shure SE215 DIY List

  • 1 X Shure SE215 Earphone Shell – Blue or Crystal 
  • 2 X 7mm SE215 Drivers
  • 1 X 5N OFC cable with MMXC and 3.5mm plug, or upgrade to hi-end silver plated and braided cable!
  • 2 X SE215 ear-tips

How to select the cable?

If you plan to use SE215 in moving, we recommend the upgrade option to the braided and silver plated cable for much better experience. 

Silver plating principally improve the hi-band performance and braided cable greatly reduces the stereoscope effect. 

How you can know is this DIY kit sounds like the original Shure SE215?

You shall ask the vendor to offer Frequency Response Measurement of the earbud you ordered, and compare with the trust-able 3rd party measurement. The FR curve is just like the finger print of an earphone, different design and building materials would never make identical FR response.

this is an example measured with one of the SE215 earbud we are selling (note this is the raw data w/o compensation)

And this is the FR measurement published by Inner Fidelity (a well know 3rd party website on earphone evaluation). You can compare our FR measurement (above) with the raw measured data  (below). The curves are very close to each other.

The shell in Crystal an Blue 

Shure 215 DIY Kit

Shure 215 DIY Kit
Shure 215 DIY Kit

The 7mm dynamic driver, from original Shure SE215


Shure 215 DIY Kit
Shure SE215 drivers

Upgrade option 7mm Dual Magnet drivers

7mm Dual Magnet

It keeps most characters of original IE800 and with improvements by doubled magnetic field strength::

  • Sound signature: Well extended in both ultra low bass and highs. 
  • Bass: Boosted 1~2 dB and better controlled due to the stronger magnet. You can feel the bass with more textures than before.
  • Mids: pretty much the same 
  • Highs: further extend between 10~12Khz which can offer you better airiness  
  • Transparency: pretty much the same
  • Dynamics / Soundstage / Separation / Imaging: you will feel it’s something between IE800 and Momentum in-ear (9.2mm diaphragm) which has bigger sound stage.  

The cable (better than original SE215)

This is the cable by default. Welcome to select other Shure cables from our cable store.

5N OFC Shuer Cable
5N OFC Shure Cable

The ear-tips (original SE215)

Shure 215 DIY Kit
Shure 215 ear-tips

DIY tutorial of Shure SE215 

It includes 3 steps and can be done in 1h

  • Stick the driver to the housing
  • Stick housing to the the shell, and wire (solder) the diver with the MMXC connector
  • Glue the up/down covers together and done

Step 1: Know about the shell 

it includes 2 housings (with SE215 logo) and 2 upper covers (with Shure logo). 

Step 2: Install driver to the housing

You need solder 2 wires to the driver – note the polarity! The one connected with the red dot is positive!

Then glue the driver to the bracket.

And then glue the bracket into the housing


Step 3, Install MMCX socket

you need to wire the socket with drivers.

Then glue the socket to the housing.

Step 4, put on the upper cover, almost done!

Connect the MMCX cable and you have it now!

Some successful builds for reference  

Shure 215 DIY Kit
Shure 215 DIY Kit
Shure 215 DIY Kit
Shure 215 DIY Kit
Shure 215 DIY Kit
Shure 215 DIY Kit
Shure 215 DIY Kit
Shure 215 DIY Kit

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm
Color option

Crystal, Blue

Assembling Option

I want separated components and DIY, Assemble it for me

Cable Option

1.2m 5N OFC cable, no cable, Upgrade to Silver Plated 6N OCF cable

Driver opinion

Original SE215 driver, Upgrade to dual magnet drivers

2 reviews for Shure SE215 Sound Isolation Earphone DIY KIT (Blue and Crystal)

  1. crbrown1980 (verified owner)

    Excellent earphone – sounds identical to my genuine SE215. Fast shipping, and truly great customer service. The whole process was very enjoyable, and I look forward to my next purchase.

  2. Daniel Korman

    These seem amazing but I don’t really like the color, would I be able to spray paint the shell black and would that make it really sticky?

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