IE800 Earbuds with Tesla Divers, MMCX Connector and Detachable Bluetooth Cable

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  • 3 outstanding driver options 
  • Zirconia ceramic housing 
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Sensitivity: 125dB
  • Distortion: <  0.03% 1 KHz, 94 dB
  • Weight: 8g w/o cord

The KIT include

  • 2 X earbuds, chose the driver from 2 options per your personal preference
  • Wired or Bluetooth wireless cables (optional)  
  • 3 pairs of eartips – 2 pairs of 2-flange ear-tips and 1 pair of memory foam ear-tips
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This is a custom product built by Earphone DIY Labs. Choose the Assembling Option and our professionals will make it for you in 1~2 days. See the assembling service for more details.

You are an experienced DIYer? Great! Choose the All Separated Components Option and enjoy the fun of making it with your own hands.By having basic soldering and gluing skills, you can easily make it in audiophile sound quality.

Here are the key values:

  • Upgrade Tesla driver option which out perform the original IE800 design! 
  • With the MMCX connector, you can use with any 3rd party detachable cables on the market
  • Bluetooth wireless and APTX technology give you audiophile class quality and 
  • Unbeatable price – you save 80%+ budget for the equivalent or better sound quality

Question about shipping? Check out shipping service.  

What option can I choose from?

You can choose from 2 driver options. See the next sections for impressions about these components.

  • 3 outstanding dynamic drivers from top IEMs
    • XWB (Extra Wide Band) drivers with same diaphragm, coil and design as IE800
    • Or upgrade to Titanium diaphragm XWB drivers (see details at product page
    • Or further upgrade to 8mm Tesla XWB driver, our flagship product! (see details at product page

If you also need a MMCX cable from us, please check our  Cable Store for available options. 

How does the IE800 MMCX sound?

It largely depends the dynamic driver you choose. 

With the IE800 XWB Driver

Choosing the IE800 XWB Driver will give you the original experience, which it makes the build very much like the original IEM – we measured and observed 95%+ similarity in the Frequency Response with the original earbuds delivered by the manufacturers.

  • Sound signature: Reasonably balanced throughout the highs and mids, with a gradual emphasis towards low bass. 
  • Bass: Awesome extension to 5Hz (see our measurement below) and kick for such a small driver. Some cases you can “feel’ the drum sound massaging your ear canal but nor “hear” it, a very magic experience. Good clarity, control and definition at low to medium volume, but ultimately a bit too bloated. More emphasis on low bass than on mid/upper bass. Very quick spectral decay and minimized the interference to mids, though there’s a gradual decrease of clarity/control in bass and increase of lower midrange warmth as you crank up the volume.
  • Mids: Extremely clear and hyper-detailed, but not at all in an aggressive or artificially dissecting way (note the original XWB driver is with a 5dB peak on 6-8 kHz. We do same thing as Sennheiser to suppress it by adding damping in the front canal). The mids are probably the most natural and refined of all IEMs due to extremely low THD (<0.03%). Very good timbre with voices and acoustic instruments. Vocals in particular have a sublime feeling of just “being there“, it is eerily lifelike and tangible.
  • Highs: Almost at eye level with the mids, extended, smooth and highly resolving. The level of detail is stunning at first, but on careful listening treble turns out to be slightly too thin for a realistic timbre. Depending on fit, there’s also a tendency to exaggerate sibilant, though as a whole, treble is far from sounding harsh or overly aggressive.
  • Transparency: Source transparency is excellent throughout the midrange and highs, but noticeably impaired by exaggerated bass. However, it’s worth mentioning that on the go the IE800’s bass boost compensates for the masking effect of ambient noise, and perceived transparency is better than in quiet surroundings.
  • Dynamics / Soundstage / Separation / Imaging: The Senn‘s super-clear mids convey a feeling of directness and intimacy without much forward projection, but the driver‘s good dynamics make for excellent depth and layering. Owing to their very high resolution, the IE800’s separation is impeccable, with well defined space for instruments and vocalists. Stage width and presence of a center image vary a bit between downward and over-ear. Overall I’d characterize the IE800’s soundstage as neither overly spacious like the IE8’s, nor lacking or closed-in, but above all with a quite extraordinary sense of depth.

With the 8mm Titanium XWB driver

Sennheiser released the IE800 at 2012, so the technology is a little bit old fashion. We recommend this newly released driver if you trust our profession and flavor of sound character. Especially if you are looking for better vocal and avoiding sibling.  

Here is the impression for your reference:

  • Sound signature: They sit slightly to the warm side compared with IE800. And they are with a very slight mid bass bump and equally good extension into the treble. As IE800, they display lots of detail throughout the midrange and above. Even low bass is boosted as shown in the FR measurement, they have a deep, punchy bass without sounding boomy.
  • Bass:the bass is deep, powerful, and clear even for bass-heads. Kick drums in Katy Perry’s California Girls are punchy and strong, while bass tones in songs with a little less bass are still nice and present. .
  • Mids: The mid-range is also pretty well-tuned, with the low-mids sitting in nice and warm and the high-mids offering enough presence for the vocals. Sibling is barely noticeable. 
  • Highs:The high-end is clear and crisp, and sounds quite good. Vocals and synths cut through the mix well, while cymbals have that sheen that most want to hear.
  • Dynamics / Soundstage / Separation / Imaging: Soundstage is average, it has equal width and depth but nothing jaw dropping.

With the Flagship 8mm Micro-Tesla and XWB driver

This is a 8mm driver powered by Mirco-Tesla driving technology with Ultra Wide Bandwidth (5~46Khz) performance. It’s our flagship product and outperform all the hi-end micros drivers (including the original IE800) we have ever tested. We proudly and highly recommend it if you are looking for the extreme experience. 

  • The Micro-Tesla driving technology is characterized by maximum magnetic field to >1 Telsa focusing in the air gap inside the dynamic driver unit in a micro driving unit, which is 2 or 3 times higher than conventional IEM drivers.
  • Ultra Wide Band means the driver performs excellently from 5Hz to 45KHz, which greatly outperforms ordinary IEM 20~20Khz range.
  • The key benefits to users are
    • The ultra high density of the bass. With precise volume, the bass is well controlled and deeply extend to ultra low bass band. It’s the most punchy while balanced bass we’ve ever tested among tens of hi-end drivers! 
    • Ultra low distortion in the mid. Vocal is precisely positioned and sounds just as it shall be.
    • Unbeatable resolution at treble.You may feel it is too bright in the 1st few seconds if you haven’t tried top IEMs like IE800, T8iE, but then you will get it’s only because the high resolution to make details crystal clear – your ears are a little bit overloaded. 

See below for the measurements using IEC711 coupler, ARTA and customized sound card. 

Frequency response
Cumulative Spectrum Decay (i.e., the waterfall diagram)
Energy decay
Burst Decay
Impulse Response


It’s a common issue for all IEMs using micro drivers being picky to ear-tips. And the result is you have to find one perfectly fitting your ear canal, otherwise the low bass would be seriously impaired.

The good news is we solve it for you and for free (start from 9/1, 2018)! We include following 2 pairs of ear-tips in the kit after measuring tens of different models:

  • 2-flange Silicon ear-tips (black and white, mid size) which doubles the sealing than normal ear-tips – made in Germany and adopted by Sennheiser IEMs

  • Memory foam ear-tips (black, mid size) made in Germany – super noise cancellation and airtight, gives you the best performance 

The MMCX cable

We highly recommend this Silver Plated 6N OFC braided cable to fully exploit the potential of this kit, especially if you pick the Tesla drivers!

The cable is manually braided with 4 (most commercial IEMs only use 3 wires) silver plated ultra soft strings, and whole-body gold plated 3.5mm jack.

there are 2 color options, black and white.

Silver Plated 6N OFC MMCX cable
Silver Plated 6N OFC MMCX cable
Silver Plated 6N OFC MMCX cable
Silver Plated 6N OFC MMCX cable


The Bluetooth cable

We recommend TRN BT3 MMCX Wireless Bluetooth Cable, the latest version with AptX support. It is priced $60+ on Amazon and  here we offer you the best price!

See more details on the product page.

  • Built in 120 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery , up to 7-8 Hours of Premium Quality Talk/Play Time. 
  • Bluetooth V4.1 technology by built in CSR 8645 chipset
  • The best style for sports or the gym with battery on one side and the controler on the other side. That balances out the weight behind your neck so the cable doesn’t pull to one side and put all the weight on the one earbud.
TRN T3 Bluetooth cable
TRN T3 Bluetooth cable

TRN T3 Bluetooth cable

TRN T3 Bluetooth cable

Why AptX is important to sound quality?

AptX is critical to ensure you getting the full potential from the kit. See the YouTube tutorial for details.

How can I assure I get what is advertised in this IE800 kit?

Email to if you want the original measurement of your KIT – we test the Frequency Response, Cumulative Spectral Decay, Burst and Energy Decay, Impulse Response using standard IEC 711 coupler, customized sound card and ARTA software – and we can offer both snapshot or raw data file.

How if I have special requirements?

Please leave your requirements in the ordering note and we’ll handle them accordingly, or contact our service account for any issue. 

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm
Choose a Driver Unit

7.8mm XWB, 8mm Titanium XWB, 8mm Tesla XWB

Choose Assembling Option

I want all separated component and DIY, Assemble it for me

Choose a cable

6N OFC Cable with 3.5mm Jack (White), 6N OFC Cable with 3.5mm Jack (Black), Bluetooth Cable with AptX, No Cable

8 reviews for IE800 Earbuds with Tesla Divers, MMCX Connector and Detachable Bluetooth Cable

  1. nathan

    Great for studio and live, overkill for casual listening

    it cost me $140+ Compared with my $800-$1000 iems….thorough subversion with custom cable. very clear, but not as thin as n5005, the atmosphere is better than tie8, not like IE800s is too stuffy ,This should be a product of $800+,The disadvantage is that it is too small and too slippery. will be perfect if it use a matte surface like the ie800s

    I also bought the n5005 at the same time. I want to say that the positive evaluation of the n5005 on the Internet is deceptive. Although amazon bought with 50% discount, I still returned. There are a bunch of things attached, but the core voice is really rubbish.

    IE800 MMCX KIT~IE800s > AKT8iE > xxx > xxx > AKG N5005

  2. Tony (verified owner)

    The new mmcx option has enabled me to get flexibility of using different cables to get optimal comfort and fit. I have over 50 IEM in my collection currently ranging from low to high end (>$1000)
    The IE800 MMCX kit with the tesla driver has shown me you can get a high end sound for a reasonable price – i actually prefer this to the original ie800 i have and to the fidue sirius -the titanium xwb is also a very good driver and i recommend either option for anyone wanting to see if the higher end products deliver what you want in terms of sound quality and signature – I now realize you do not have to miss out out as these kits are reasonable price that you can take a risk and see if the sound profile is what you like without spending >500

  3. Tonyc2468 (verified owner)

    Just received a second set of Tesla driver option after my son borrowed the first and did not want to give back
    The customer service response to any queries is excellent, resolution of a small problem was handled well
    The product is fantastic – if you can get right fit and seal – MMCX option great for assisting with this – I find foam tip shallow insertion give best result for me –
    I highly recommend this business for customer service, quality products at a reasonable price.

  4. Laszlo (verified owner)

    I ordered the IE800 MMCX Kit, with the Titanium 8mm drivers. I had an IE80, which broke and I looked into getting a new IEM. I talked with a guy from their support, was super helpful, helped me decide between the driver options, and was really knowledgable in his craft. He even threw in a replacement plastic part for my IE80 with my order, so that I can fix it, for which I’m super grateful, thanks again. Really, the best customer experience, I’ve had anywhere, ever! You guys rock!

    Shipping was super fast, arrived in a week (but most of that was our customs and super slow local post office). I ordered the kit assembled, and with a seperate cable, not the one in the options. I received everything, plus a carrying case, and an additional cable, not sure if this one was an accident, or a gift.

    Now onto the earbuds themself. To summarize: they sound amazing (but what did you expect?). They are really good, the soundstage sounds much wider than you would expect for something with this driver diameter. As someone who is used to the great soundstage from the IE80, I believe the IE800 kit is pretty much on the same level if not slightly above. Bass is super tight, very well defined and punchy, edges out the IE80 by a slight margin. Mids are pretty much on par with each other, while highs are another area, where the IE800 kit outperform my original IE80. It is brighter, and responds better. Overall the IE800 is better in most of the points compared to the IE80.

    Overall I believe this was a great purchase. I prefer the MMCX connector to the IE8 series 2 pin abomination of a connector, the ceramic housing with the metal connector seems much more of a durable duo, than the plastic on the IE80. The connector is very tight, I have no doubt that this will last a long time. The assembly of the kit is really good, no glue stains, everything is aligned great, looks like great care was put into the assembly process.

    This is the first occasion on a long time, that I have found something, that I would genuinely choose over my trusty old IE80 IEMs. I was skeptical at first, but now that I have been using the earphones for a few days for quite a few hours, I don’t think I am going back.

  5. Collin Ma

    Before you make a decision, just know that if you have any questions just ask through Messenger! Mr. Chen is very accommodating, and in my scenario even upgraded my ie800 configuration after I talked to him.

    Apart from that, I’ve found these earbuds extremely enjoyable. I came from the ie-80, and if you’ve had any experience with them, this ie800 sounds very similar in terms of sound signature. It’s a very comfortable iem, and with the double-flange eartips included, the isolation is great. They surprisingly stay inside my ears easily, which I think is due to its low weight and form factor. Shaking my head like a wet dog does nothing. The V-shape fits my genres very well, from hip-hop to smooth R&B to EDM to soft ballads. For these prices, it’s a no-brainer. I don’t see why this couldn’t be your endgame unless you’re gunning for CA Andromedas, which cost 15 or so times more. While I can’t speak to how close they are to the “real” ie-800 since I’ve never heard one, it’s a definite improvement over my real IE-80.

    Honestly, if any of my friends asked me for an IEM rec under 50, or around 100ish if they want the MMCX and the works, I can’t recommend anything like the gr07 or ie-80 or se215 when this exists. I’ve used them all through their lifespans and they don’t hold a candle to this. Shoutout to Mr. Chen for helping me out too!

  6. Howard Olsen

    These IE800s With 8mm Tesla Drivers Are Simply Unbelievable – They’re Astounding!
    So, just to be clear, I’ve never owned or heard the original IE800 or IE800s but I have quite a few very expensive Original IEMS including Beyerdaynamic Xelentos, Shure SE535, SE846, oBravo Cupids, Tin HiFi P1, IMR R1 Zenith and others – all of these were considerably more more expensive than these DIY 800s but I have to tell you, these things sound incredible and I found them by accident. I went looking for a 2nd set of Xelentos for my wife and found this site …. and in searching, I not only bought the Xelentos, which are identical in every respect to the ones I got from Beyerdynamic directly, when when I stumbled across these, I decided to buy them as well (1 shipping foe for a combined order). Anyway I didnt need another set of IEMS but after reading everything and asking a couple of questions through their support email (and blown away by the speed and professionalism of the responses) I decided to roll the dice and pick them up. I bought the set with the Upgraded 8mm Tesla Driver, and I’m blown away by them. The bass and sub-bass and are fully present, fully detailed and fully controlled. It’s nice, deep and rich…. they transition to the mids beautifully with guitars, violins, strings, woodwinds and vocals exactly where they should be. The treble likewise is clean clear, articulate and completely sibilant free. AND these little 800s Isolate better than any other IEM in my stable (with the foam tips) I think I found my new travel buddies…. they’ll be great up in airplanes they block outside noise and the bass wont get washed out by the environment. I promise you, these are everything this website says they are and even more. I couldn’t be happier bargain or not.

  7. kostashukjerred (verified owner)

    I stumbled on this site while poking through a couple of audio forums a few weeks ago. I really didn’t know what to expect from the earphones on here, but I was certainly intrigued by not only the consistently high praise from reviewers, but the excellent AMA done on /reddit/headphones. I decided to bite the bullet and ordered this set, with the 8MM Tesla drivers.

    The entire process, beginning to end, exceeded my expectations.

    First, I’d like to say that the ordering process was seamless. I used Paypal checkout, and only after I had made my order I realized that I made a mistake. I emailed customer service and my issue was resolved in under an hour. Fantastic. From order to my sticking these headphones in my ears was 7 days, which is great considering they’re coming from across the Pacific.

    Onto the headphones – these are ASTONISHINGLY good. I don’t say that lightly, either. I’m a bit of a collector and have a decent collections of IEMs, and these compete with the very best in my collection while being substantially cheaper. These easily best my Beyerdynamic idx 200 ie and my Etymotic ER3XRs, and are step-for-step with my cherished Sony EX800ST, if not a bit ahead of those as well. Detail retrieval is extraordinary. End-to-end extension is fantastic. The headphones are well tuned, with deep, thumping bass and well-extended, sparkly treble. The bass, though it hits hard, doesn’t intrude on the midrange and maintains great detail right to the lowest reaches. Midrange is sweet and musical, and both male and female vocals sound great. Soundstage is surprisingly large, as well. With the included foam tips isolation is solid as well, and these are probably going to be my new travelling headphones.

    The kind of results that can be gotten with proper engineering and good components is amazing. I will absolutely be ordering more in the future.

    • Earphone DIY Labs Service team

      Appreciate kostashukjerred, we feel privileged and humble 🙂

  8. Mato (verified owner)

    I ordered the 8mm Tesla XWB with Bluetooth cable.

    When I first came across this website, I was sceptical. But the product was exactly what I was looking for – good sound quality without any frills (I don’t need e.g. noise-cancelling). I tried it, now I use these headphones every day – I am absolutely thrilled and I am rediscovering music!
    The eartips must fit well, otherwise the sound quality suffers. I personally like the slimmer memory foam Eartips best. External noise is almost completely shielded.

    + incredible punch (of a kick drum for example) with a lot of pressure and precision
    + deep basses are very precise and well present
    + You can physically feel the sound in the ear, even if listening with a lower volume
    – Basses in the higher segment can be little less defined than the rest which adds sometimes a blurriness into the stage.
    – The TRN bluetooth cable has no possibility to switch next or back

    + overall very, very good sound quality
    – Perhaps a little to much bass for classical music (even if the bass is well defined)

    + very fast costumer service, responses by e-mail within minutes. There was a problem with the shipping -> “We checked it just now and it was blocked by a security check issue. Such problem happened before and all got addressed by resending. We’ll share the new trace number soon. And no worries, so far 100% problem link this were addressed eventually.” The shipping then worked without any problems.
    + I ordered the IEMs with the TRN bluetooth cable – it was then send with an additional MMCX Cable with 3.5mm Jack, thank you!

    Absolutely recommended to buy!

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