GS2000e Mahogany Wood Cup with MMCX Connector DIY Kit



  • 2 X EDL GS3000e compatible Mahogany Wood Cups with MMCX and holders pre-installed
  • 2 X 3D printed front covers – please specify the size 
  • (Optional) Earpad kit include 2 X G/L/S Cushions
  • (Optional) 6N OFC, silver plated, 8 cores hi-end cable with carbon fiber enhanced 3.5mm jack and MMCX connector

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This is a pair of Mahogany wood cups fully compatible with Grado GS2000e, a $1,100 premium price product. MMCX connectors are pre-installed per requested by DIY communities to make Grado headphones support detachable cables. DIYers can easily replace broken cables or try different cables to optimize the sound character.

Note this is a DIY shell kit including wood cups, front cover and bracket as shown in above pics, drivers and headband are NOT included.

  • Elegant, Grado GS2000e compatible cups cut by high-precision CNC lathe from large chunk of Mahogany with laser printed characters.
  • 2 wood cup color options: original wood (painted with transparent wood stain) color or black
  • Cup holders (brackets) are made of high quality stainless steel in sliver or black.
  • High quality Grado G/S/L cushions 
  • Compatible with all 40/50mm headphone drivers
  • upgrade 6N OFC, silver plated, 8 cores hi-end cable with carbon fiber enhanced 3.5mm jack and MMCX connector

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Know about Grado Labs GS2000e


Grado Labs GS2000e got 5/5 all star rating on AV Forums:

The Grado GS2000e is a full size, open back home headphone and the larger of the two members of the Statement Series which itself is only below the Professional Series in the product hierarchy. The principles that it works to are extremely similar to other Grado models, but by the time you reach this price point, they can be honed and refined to the exact direction that the company wants to, with far fewer of the compromises that creep in at lower price points.



Package list 

The DIY kit is pre-assembled as displayed in the product pics, including:

  • 2 X EDL GS2000e Mahogany wood cups, preinstalled with 2 X cup holders (brackets) in silver or black 
  • 2 X front covers (driver housing), 3D printed with highly durable engineering plastic
  • 2 X G-Cushions, 2 X L-Cushions and 2 X S-Cushions
  • (optional) 6N OFC, silver plated, 8 cores hi-end cable with carbon fiber enhanced 3.5mm jack and MMCX connector 

Headphone shell and cables

The wood cups, pre-installed with the bracket in silver or black.

The cup is fully compatible with Grado GS2000e/3000e 50mm drivers

The front cover is 3D printed and support 40/44/45/50mm drivers, in case you want to use this kit with other drivers. 

The cup holders made of stainless steel, painted in black or not printed. 

Hi-end 6N OFC, 8core cable with carbon-fiber enhanced jacks and spliter with MMCX connectors (not shown in the pic) 

Grado G Cushion and S Cushions

DIY Suggestions

See how this cup kit works with the headband (order link) and L-Cushions.

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 15 cm
Front cover size (your driver outer diameter) options

40mm, 44-45mm, 50mm

Cup holder color

Black, Silver

Choose an Earpad kit

No need, thanks, S/G/L Cushion Kit

Choose a Cable

6N OFC cable with 3.5mm jack, No cable


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