IE800 Earbuds in Royal Blue with Tesla Drivers

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  • 7mm or 8mm Extra Wide Band Dynamic Drivers 
  • Ceramic housing in Royal Blue – only available in our store!
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Sensitivity: 125dB
  • Distortion: <  0.03% 1 KHz, 94 dB
  • Weight: 8g w/o cord

The KIT include everything you need to build the IE800 IEM.

  • 2 X Dynamic Driver Units – chose from 3 options per your personal preference
  • 1 DIY cable – choose from 2 options per your personal flavor and use scenario 
  • 1 pair of IE800 shell in Royal Blue (mandatory option)
  • 3 pairs of eartips – 2 pairs of 2-flange ear-tips and 1 pair of memory foam eartips

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This is a custom product built by Earphone DIY Labs. Choose the Assembling Option and our professionals will make it for you in 1~2 days. See the assembling service for more details.

You are an experienced DIYer? Great! Choose the All Separated Components Option and enjoy the fun of making it with your own hands.By having basic soldering and gluing skills, you can easily make it in audiophile sound quality.

Here are the key values:

  • Unique Royal Blue Ceramic Shell where you can find nowhere else. 
  • Upgrade option to Tesla Drivers which out perform the original IE800 design! 
  • Unbeatable price – you save 80%+ budget for the equivalent or better sound quality
  • Support from Earphone DIY Labs for any issue in your DIY journey 

Question about shipping? Check out our shipping service.  

How can IE800 be in Royal Blue?

We proudly offer you the brand new ceramic shell design, an Earphone DIY Labs custom product!

The shell is built with exactly same ceramic material (Zirconia) and identical physical shape, so the sound character and quality is exactly the same. The only difference is the royal blue color.  

What components can I choose from?

You can choose from 2 types of cables and 2 driver options. See the next sections for impressions about these components.

  • 3 outstanding dynamic drivers from top IEMs
    • XWB (Extra Wide Band) drivers with same diaphragm, coil and design of IE800
    • Or upgrade to Titanium diaphragm XWB drivers (see details at product page
    • Or further upgrade to Tesla XWB driver, our flagship product! (see details at product page
  • 2 cables with state-of-the-art performance and durability 
    • IE800 original cable, 2-stage with 3.5mm jack – select if you want a closer IE800 outlook
    • Silver plated 6N OFC cable with 3.5mm jack – ultra soft and low stethoscope effect, most recommend if you use it in walking

How does the IE800 Royal Blue kit sound?

It largely depends the dynamic driver you choose. We recommend the Tesla driver for the best sound quality

With the IE800 XWB Driver

 Choosing the IE800 XWB Driver will give you the original experience, which it makes the build very much like the original IEM – we measured and observed 95%+ similarity in the Frequency Response with the original earbuds delivered by the manufacturers.

  • Sound signature: Reasonably balanced throughout the highs and mids, with a gradual emphasis towards low bass. 
  • Bass: Awesome extension to 5Hz (see our measurement below) and kick for such a small driver. Some cases you can “feel’ the drum sound massaging your ear canal but nor “hear” it, a very magic experience. Good clarity, control and definition at low to medium volume, but ultimately a bit too bloated. More emphasis on low bass than on mid/upper bass. Very quick spectral decay and minimized the interference to mids, though there’s a gradual decrease of clarity/control in bass and increase of lower midrange warmth as you crank up the volume.
  • Mids: Extremely clear and hyper-detailed, but not at all in an aggressive or artificially dissecting way (note the original XWB driver is with a 5dB peak on 6-8 kHz. We do same thing as Sennheiser to suppress it by adding damping in the front canal). The mids are probably the most natural and refined of all IEMs due to extremely low THD (<0.03%). Very good timbre with voices and acoustic instruments. Vocals in particular have a sublime feeling of just “being there“, it is eerily lifelike and tangible.
  • Highs: Almost at eye level with the mids, extended, smooth and highly resolving. The level of detail is stunning at first, but on careful listening treble turns out to be slightly too thin for a realistic timbre. Depending on fit, there’s also a tendency to exaggerate sibilant, though as a whole, treble is far from sounding harsh or overly aggressive.
  • Transparency: Source transparency is excellent throughout the midrange and highs, but noticeably impaired by exaggerated bass. However, it’s worth mentioning that on the go the IE800’s bass boost compensates for the masking effect of ambient noise, and perceived transparency is better than in quiet surroundings.
  • Dynamics / Soundstage / Separation / Imaging: The Senn‘s super-clear mids convey a feeling of directness and intimacy without much forward projection, but the driver‘s good dynamics make for excellent depth and layering. Owing to their very high resolution, the IE800’s separation is impeccable, with well defined space for instruments and vocalists. Stage width and presence of a center image vary a bit between downward and over-ear. Overall I’d characterize the IE800’s soundstage as neither overly spacious like the IE8’s, nor lacking or closed-in, but above all with a quite extraordinary sense of depth.

With the 8mm Titanium XWB driver

Sennheiser released the IE800 at 2012, so the technology is a little bit old fashion. We recommend this newly released driver if you trust our profession and flavor of sound character. Especially if you are looking for better vocal and avoiding sibling.  

Here is the impression for your reference:

  • Sound signature: They sit slightly to the warm side compared with IE800. And they are with a very slight mid bass bump and equally good extension into the treble. As IE800, they display lots of detail throughout the midrange and above. Even low bass is boosted as shown in the FR measurement, they have a deep, punchy bass without sounding boomy.
  • Bass:the bass is deep, powerful, and clear even for bass-heads. Kick drums in Katy Perry’s California Girls are punchy and strong, while bass tones in songs with a little less bass are still nice and present. .
  • Mids: The mid-range is also pretty well-tuned, with the low-mids sitting in nice and warm and the high-mids offering enough presence for the vocals. Sibling is barely noticeable. 
  • Highs:The high-end is clear and crisp, and sounds quite good. Vocals and synths cut through the mix well, while cymbals have that sheen that most want to hear.
  • Dynamics / Soundstage / Separation / Imaging: Soundstage is average, it has equal width and depth but nothing jaw dropping.

With the Flagship 8mm Micro-Tesla and XWB driver

This is a 8mm driver powered by Mirco-Tesla driving technology with Ultra Wide Bandwidth (5~46Khz) performance. It’s our flagship product and outperform all the hi-end micros drivers (including the original IE800) we have ever tested. We proudly and highly recommend it if you are looking for the extreme experience. 

  • The Micro-Tesla driving technology is characterized by maximum magnetic field to >1 Telsa focusing in the air gap inside the dynamic driver unit in a micro driving unit, which is 2 or 3 times higher than conventional IEM drivers.
  • Ultra Wide Band means the driver performs excellently from 5Hz to 45KHz, which greatly outperforms ordinary IEM 20~20Khz range.
  • The key benefits to users are
    • The ultra high density of the bass. With precise volume, the bass is well controlled and deeply extend to ultra low bass band. It’s the most punchy while balanced bass we’ve ever tested among tens of hi-end drivers! 
    • Ultra low distortion in the mid. Vocal is precisely positioned and sounds just as it shall be.
    • Unbeatable resolution at treble.You may feel it is too bright in the 1st few seconds if you haven’t tried top IEMs like IE800, T8iE, but then you will get it’s only because the high resolution to make details crystal clear – your ears are a little bit overloaded. 


It’s a common issue for all IEMs using micro drivers being picky to ear-tips. And the result is you have to find one perfectly fitting your ear canal, otherwise the low bass would be seriously impaired.

The good news is we solve it for you and for free (start from 9/1, 2018)! We include following 2 pairs of ear-tips in the kit after measuring tens of different models:

  • 2-flange Silicon ear-tips (black and white, mid size) which doubles the sealing than normal ear-tips – made in Germany and adopted by Sennheiser IEMs

  • Memory foam ear-tips (black, mid size) made in Germany – super noise cancellation and airtight, gives you the best performance 

How can I assure I get what is advertised in this IE800 kit?

Email to if you want the original measurement of your KIT – we test the Frequency Response, Cumulative Spectral Decay, Burst and Energy Decay, Impulse Response using standard IEC 711 coupler, customized sound card and ARTA software – and we can offer both snapshot or raw data file.

How shall I pick the cable?

We highly recommended this silver plated braided cable which greatly eliminating the stethoscope effect. Its silver color matches the royal blue shell perfectly. 

We have tremendous other cable options. So please email for custom requests. 

The gold plated 3.5mm jack 

The silver plated strings make the cable ultra soft
IE800 in Royal Blue DIY Kit

OK, can I assemble it now?

You may refer to the assembling course in our IE800 DIY Kit for beginners as the process is exactly the same. Here are some pics taken when we built it.

How if I have special requirements?

Please leave your requirements below or contact our service account. We’ll return to you very soon. 


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm
Choose a Driver Unit

7.8mm XWB, 8mm Titanium XWB, 8mm Tesla XWB

Choose a Cable

IE800 2-stage, Braided silver plated 6N OFC

Choose Assembling Option

All assembled, you get a complete IE800, I want a kit and build by myself

3 reviews for IE800 Earbuds in Royal Blue with Tesla Drivers

  1. bnngv

    The sound reproduction is crystal clear compared to Shure SE215, the kind of clear that you know it is Sennheiser signature.

  2. Johanes Nilam (verified owner)

    i bought the royal blue ie800 from earphonediylabs 2 weeks ago.. i bought the option using the silver cable and also 8mm tesla driver.. having not heard ie800 before – i have owned a sennheiser ie80 (i broke it hence why i ordered earphonediylabs’ ie800), shure se535 and also se425.. i find that earphonediylabs’ ie800 with the tesla drivers blew all 3 iems out of the water!!! i really recommend these royal blue ie800 to everyone!!

    5 star for u guys!! thanks!! i’ll be returning for more orders in the future

  3. Martin Stolpe (verified owner)

    I really like the sound of these headphones. I’m not an expert but would say that they have a u-shape frequency response with a very deep bass. I really like the mids which don’t sound harsh to me at all. I have the version with the Tesla XWB drivers.

    Two things which I think could be improved are the markings of the left and right earplugs. Some color coding would be nice as the letters are really small and unreadable in low light conditions. The second thing would be small hole like the Moondrop Aria has ( which allows for air pressure compensation in the ear channel. If I use tips with very good seal I can hear of popping noise from the diaphragm because the air pressure cannot compensate between the ear channel and the outside. This will lead to a very thin sound.

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