Earphone DIY Labs is your trustworthy partner

We run our business 100% on trust of our buyers. Through we have served thousands customers from 40+ countries (US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, Korea,  Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia…) and are keeping 100% customers happy so far, we have humble that we know it’s very difficult to build your trust w/o holding our product at your hand. While to save our buyers’ budget, we are very conservative on spending money on Ads and hopping words just spreading out by themselves. Below is a snapshot of the distribution of our buyers in one month. 

Snapshot of Earphone DIY Labs buyer distribution around the world



Non-discriminant policy

We commit that we have no discrimination that:

  • We don’t judge the quality of the product by the geo-location where they being manufactured.
  • We treat our suppliers and products equally, no matter they are produced in developing counties like Vietnam, Indonesia, China, or developed countries like Germany, Japan or the United State..
  • We don’t deal with sweatshops. As a startup, we don’t have the bandwidth and resource to audit our source or buyers. But we’ll stop the business with them as soon as we know it. 
  • We treat every buyers equally. We provide same products and services to any customer, no matter his/her race, gender, country, age, religion … 

However, we don’t sell to racist or who won’t agree with our non-discriminant policy. E.g, if you feel uncomfortable when knowing a product being produced you don’t like, please don’t be hesitate to leave our website. 


We do this FAQ to address concerns on our products and services.Sources of the questions are either from emails to our service account, or from public forums like Reddit, head-fi. And we’ll keep maintain it with new customer questions coming to us.

How can I ensure I’ll get exactly as described on your website?

We ensure you that:

  • For the outlook of the product (e.g., earphone shells): all the pics in the DIY courses are taken by ourselves in the lab. We are not professional photographers and just want to show your the original appearance.
  • For the performance of the product (e.g., drivers): we design these kits and publish the original measurements. You are free to ask a dedicate measurement on your kit and evaluate it with your own judgement.

We understand “sound quality” is very subjective. And words like “same as the original one” are not helping our buyers to evaluate the kit, and they are self-promoting and suspicious. So we encourage our buyers to share their genuine, even critical impressions which everyone could refer to. 

You refund shipping for impressions, are you bribing buyers to fake good impressions?

Definitely NO! We want to be very transparent of the quality issues of our product or services. And the purpose of refunding is to encourage DIYers to share and help the community.

We ensure you that:

  • We refund for critical impressions for sure, as long as it ‘s genuine and helps the community to evaluate us.
  • The only thing we ask is the post being genuine and objective, with meaningful info and bring real value to the community.  
  • Of course we’d expect buyers could communicate with us before posting a negative impression, so we have the opportunity to address the issue before it go public. 

Why Is Your Kit So Cheap? Are you try to cheating money and go away like many fishing websites?

We source directly from factories who manufacturing or assembling components for earphone vendors like Sennheiser, AKG, BOSE, Shure, JBL, etc. So we get really reasonable price. Although we can not disclose most names of our upstream sources as it’s our business privacy, we can tell you one of them is Foster in Panyu City, China, the biggest earphone drivers manufacture in the world. And also to share you a common sense, BOM (Building of Materials) cost is only a small portion (10~20%) of the final price of the earphone, that’s why we can offer you the DIY kit (basically the building materials) in such a low price. 

And we want a long term business and won’t do nothing short-sighted to hurt our customer. 

Are you selling fake components like those on ebay or aliexpress?

We hate these fake earphones as much as you do. Or even more because it hurts our business heavily as we live on trust.

So one thing clearly differentiating us from those fake-earphone vendors is being professional. 

  • We design these DIY kits where you can never find in elsewhere.
  • We build earphones and share our experiences with the community 
  • We are very responsive to questions, even many of them are not directly related to our products

How can you ship from China while the earphone is a German/US/Japan… brand?

It is simply because these components are available in China. You should have know that almost all top earphone vendor like Sennheiser, AKG, Shure, SONY… have most of their products made in China. See a list of top 10 earphone brands made in China. If you have concerns on it, check the official announcement like Sennheiser ODM from China , “we manufacture our products at three factories… In addition, we use capacities at long-term partner companies in Europe, Asia and America who fulfill our strict quality requirements.”