About us

We want to bring an Earphone DIY Lab to your home

We are a group of people that want to change the game of earphone industry by enabling anyone to have their own pair of high-quality earphones simply by assembling them in their own home.

Our ambitions are but not limited to:

  1. Offering you the state of the art earphone components which are hard to obtain from retail markets
  2. Helping you through the entire process for a pleasurable experience
  3. Sharing you the knowledge and tips on how to understand, plan, build, debug and measure your own pair of earphones.

Our goal is to enable you to create earphones at your home that meets the industry quality, and a good experience while having them assembled.

For any inquiries or questions regarding our store, products and prices please contact service service@earphonediylabs.com


Business Model of Earphone DIY Labs

We live on the profit margin between the exaggerated price and the BOM (Build of Material) cost of most famous earphone vendors. Having been in the earphone manufacturing industry for 20+ years, we clearly observed a ridiculous yet fundamental issue, that most vendors spend 10times on marketing their products or polish the outlook, than investing on getting better components to enhance the perform. The consequence is the market is full of over-priced products with shinning outlooks, while there is barely no improvement on sound quality. We believe this is where we could bring real value – we make sure our buyers pay for what they get exactly, not for Ads or useless decorations. 

So eventually, we offer our buyers 70~80% off, unbeatable price comparing with any other commercial brands.

Service Model of Earphone DIY Labs

We understand that DIY earphone is not a easy work for everyone, while once one learn t how to do it, it is extremely joyful and rewarding. So we try our best to spread the knowledge out (e.g., AMA on Reddit for earphone DIY). We reply tens of emails to our services account and PMs on Reddit, sharing our knowledge on earphones, even many of them are not related to our products. We enjoy it and learning a lot from our buyers.

So please feel free to drop an email and we’re glad to talk about anything on earphones!