IE800S In-Ear-Monitor Earbuds with XWB V2 Drivers



  • Zirconia ceramic housing 
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB/mW
  • Distortion: <  0.03% 1 KHz, 94 dB
  • Weight: 8g w/o cord

The KIT includes

  • 2 X earbuds with cable
  • 3 pairs of eartips in L/M/S
  • 1 X soft carrying case

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This is a custom product built by Earphone DIY Labs. Choose the Assembling Option and our professionals will complete the assembling for you in 1~2 days. Click the assembling service for more details.

Are you an experienced DIYer? Great! Choose All Separated Components Option and enjoy the fun of making it with your own hands. Only with basic soldering and gluing skills, can you easily make it in audiophile sound quality.

Here are the key values:

  • Original Dual-Chamber Absorber (D2CA) and ceramic housing which overcomes the “masking effect” and makes sure even the finest nuances of sound become audible – enabling a truly high-end listening experience.
  • Audiophile class eXtended Wide Band version 2 (XWB v2) drivers for crisp and clear in-ear sound performance.
  • High frequency absorber with metal gaze to prevent harmful sibiliance and harshness
  • Original IE800S 2-stage cables with 3.5mm connectors.
  • Additional upgrade braided cable option to eliminate the stereoscope effect of the original IE800S cable
  • Unbeatable price – you can save 80%+ budget comparing with the equivalent and enjoy better sound quality

Question about shipping? Check in the shipping service.  

How does this IE800S sound  

Following simple impressions are only for reference as they can be subjective and self-promotion. We strongly recommend experienced audiophiles to refer to acoustic measurements in the next section. 

Also note the sensitivity of this earbud is 98 dB/mW, not very high. Although it works well with most mobiles, we recommend using it with desktop or portable AMP to fully exploit its potential. 


The bass is huge and bigly, takes center stage on pop tracks. Note it’s not a particularly tight and grippy bass, but wet and reverberating. You will be happily surprised to reveal some subby frequencies that you may not have known existed. Also there is a graceful recession where the bass reaches the mid, so you shall never worry about the leakage issue and muddy mids. 


Natural and nicely balanced.  in this range. The upper mids is not overly emphasized and the vocal, both male and female, and naturally blended with other instruments.  And you won’t experience any harshness in the higher mids.


The most energetic. Peaks at 7/12kHz contribute to articulation, clarity and airiness. The 12~16kHz peaks sharpen transients and gives every note a crisp leading edge. 

Soundstage and imagining 

The sense of spaciousness is increased due to the reverberating bass and you can feel a decent stage. The imaging is very precise with an accurate placement of instruments and vocals, and relatively accurate position of the sounds that surround you.

Note and to setup right expectation: IEMs with micro drivers principally can not fully reproduce the sound stage and imaging from sounds tracks recorded for 2-way speaker systems, i.e., most commercial records. If you are looking for “grand sound stage”, our general guideline is choosing earphones with bigger, like 10mm+ diaphragms, or thinking about over-ear headphones. 

Acoustic measurements

Measurements are based on a standard IEC711 coupler, ARTA software and a customized sound card. 

This is the original (open space measurement without the D2AC housing and absorber), uncompensated frequency response, where the earbud has 10dB+ higher magnitude at 10k~20kHz than most IEM drivers. 

Frequency Response
Frequency Response
Impulse response
Impulse response

About the XWB v2 driver and D2AC housing 

This is our 2nd generation eXtended Wide Band driver with ultra-wide-band(5~46Khz) performance. We custom this driver especially for the D2CA housing. See below for how it looks with cover, and note it is pre-assembled with the absorber for best acoustic performance.  

The cumulative spectrum decay diagrams show the effect of the D2AC shell and absorber: 

This diagram shows the original driver with peaks at 7kHz, 12Khz and 16kHz, and a major recession at 1~5kHz band – this is a typical “masking effect” which is the source of harshness.

Original XWB v2 driver cumulative spectrum decay
Original XWB v2 driver cumulative spectrum decay

And this diagram shows that, after apply the D2AC shell and absorber, peaks at 7kHz, 12Khz and 16kHz are greatly smoothed, and 1~5kHz band has been compensated – i.e., “masking effect” is mitigated and the overall sound character is more natural.

XWB v2 driver cumulative spectrum decay with D2AC and absorber
XWB v2 driver cumulative spectrum decay with D2AC and absorber

About the cable

Many users look for a better cable than the original Sennheiser IE800S cable for the heavy stereoscope effect, we therefore provide an additional upgrade option to a silver plated 6N OFC braided cable. 

The original IE800S cable

2-stage with 2.4mm and 3.5mm jacks
2-stage with 2.4mm and 3.5mm jacks
2-stage with 2.4mm and 3.5mm jacks
2-stage with 2.4mm and 3.5mm jacks

The upgrade cable

The cable is manually braided by 4 (most commercial IEMs only 2 wires) silver plated ultra soft strings, and a whole-body gold plated 3.5mm jack.

The soft carrying case

How can I assure I get what is advertised in this IE800S kit?

Email to if you want the original measurement of your KIT – we test the Frequency Response, Cumulative Spectral Decay, Burst and Energy Decay, Impulse Response using standard IEC 711 coupler, customized sound card and ARTA software – and we can offer both snapshot or raw data file.

How if I have special requirements?

Please leave your requirements in the ordering note and we’ll handle them accordingly, or contact our service account for any issue. 

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm
Choose a Cable

Original IE800S 2-stage, Braided 6N OFC, silver plated

Choose Assembling Option

I want all separated component and DIY, Assemble it for me


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